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I am Chief Welton. I bring the truth to the trap and the trap to the truth. That means that my sound is a merge between the hood and Harvard. I am unafraid to speak about who matters most to me and the struggles and pain that I have been through. I pray that my art will inspire you to be who God created you to be, even if you aren't religious. 


When I first started lyricism and running the streets, I used to go by the name Moecash, until my life was radically changed by the King of the Jews. I left behind my life of crime and began to tell my story under the name ServemWell. However, I stopped recording music for a long time and focused on my education and giving back to my community while still writing and occasionally performing. Yet, over the years people have been asking me about my art and pushing me to share it with the world. Now I have finally felt the push from heaven to share my art with the world hoping that it will strengthen my listeners as much as writing it has strengthened me. I now go by the name Chief Welton because the kids at God's Place Summer Camp call me that to this day, and I believe I am a leader in my generation.


I have had the honor to speak and perform at concerts, retreats, high schools, youth detention centers, youth groups, and other venues. It would be an honor to come to your city and share my music and life with your community. 



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